Davao Trip: The Zorb Experience

When I went to Davao for the first time last 2010, I knew back then that I will be coming back to this amazing city surrounded by mountains. Last week, I returned there along with my friends and boyfriend. We went to the same attractions I visited before but added a few new activities - one of the activities is the Zorb ride.

The ride is actually called zorv by the management but I prefer calling it Zorb because it sounds so right (and zorv seems so wrong). Zorb is located in Davao Crocodile Park Complex, a developed village that also houses the Tribu K’Mindanawan Cultural village, Butterfly Garden, the Crocodile Park itself, walk in the water (water ball) and other activities.
Getting ready... (photo credit: mark)
To enjoy the Zorb, two persons are strapped inside the inner wall of the giant plastic ball. They should be strapped in the opposing sides to balance the weight and make the ball roll easily. Once everything is strapped securely, the giant ball is pushed into the slope with railings. The railings serve to prevent the ball from rolling out of the track. Once the ball reaches the flat surface and slows down, that’s the time for riders to go out of the ball.
Keep rolling, rolling, rolling... (photo credit: mark)
I rode the giant ball with my boyfriend. Lucky for me because I was strapped with my back turned away from the slope, in other words, my feet goes up first each time the ball rolls. My bf on the other hand is facing the slope, thus he is doing a dive each time the ball rolls. That is kinda scary for me!

I know the track is short and only took less than a minute before it reaches the ground but when I was inside, I feel like it takes forever for the ball to stop rolling and moving. Also, the track is straight but I have the feeling that the ball is turning into a curve and fear that it went out of track and will end us up in the nearby road or in the area with tall grasses. LOL!
The Gang!
I wasn’t able to contain myself while inside the ball. I keep on shouting and shouting while silently praying that we will reach the end safely. When the ball stopped with the help of the man-in-charge, I can barely move because of mixed emotions - excitement, fear and what not, hence my boyfriend unstrapped and helped me get out of the ball. Funny because while getting out and even when I’m already out, I couldn’t stop shouting. The adrenaline rush is making me really crazy!

If you are claustrophobic or have weak heart, then this may not be for you. I think kids under 12 years old are prohibited from riding. Cellular phones, camera, jewelry and even shoes are not allowed inside too. Each ride costs Php 200 (plus free walk in the water admission).

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