Review: Crocs Women’s Mccall Ballet Flat

I was looking for a comfortable travel shoes or slippers for our trip to Davao when I learned about the Crocs Supersale the Provincial Tour in Iloilo. So instead of buying that Ipanema slippers I have been eyeing to buy (but hesitant in doing so because “someone” is criticizing me for wanting to buy that slippers worth around Php 1000), I waited for the sale.

When I entered the venue during the inclusive days of sale, I was greeted by boxes and boxes of Crocs footwear in various models, colors and sizes. The cheapest ones, unfortunately, either have ran out or don’t have my size. Also, the mary jane types are really pretty and fit my feet snuggly but they only have small discount and goes beyond my budget so I chose a different design. I got this Mccall Ballet flats instead. Regular price of this one is Php 1550 but got this on sale for Php 750, 50% off the price.
I road-tested this in Davao, among slippery, grassy or muddy hiking trails, hotel floors, in the park and streets of Davao, along the seashore and of course in the carpeted airport lobby and naturally inside the airplane.

Product Description:
The Crocs Mccall shoes feature a man-made upper with a round toe. The man-made outsole lends lasting traction and wear.

Amazon Description:
Love your Crocs clogs for fun and comfort, but looking for something a bit more fashionable and feminine? Crafted from the same soft and lightweight foam rubber, this slim little ballet flat features an airy and foot-flattering low-cut vamp and bumpy footbed designed to cushion and massage your feet. Wear with jeans, capris, cropped pants, and casual skirts and dresses.

What I like about Mccall Ballet flat:
This one is very lightweight thus making me feel like I am walking in the air. I kid! :D But seriously, it is so light that you won’t feel like you are wearing a pair of shoes. It has two small holes on both side and two stylish ones in the toes area therefore allowing the feet to breathe. This may be flat but it doesn’t give you that really “flat” feeling must flat ballet shoes do probably because of the “bumpy footbed designed to cushion and massage your feet”. As what I’ve said, I wore this when we went hiking and the shoes never failed me even in slippery areas of the trail. The outsole hold on to the surface securely hence I was able to enjoy the sceneries and other activities rather than focus on my steps to keep me from falling or slipping.

I got the one in cranberry shade but it isn’t difficult to wear at all. I don’t only wear this together with a coordinated-colored dress or top or bag. I wear this with ANY color I feel like wearing. Thanks to today’s fashion! And as what Amazon said, “Wear with jeans, capris, cropped pants, and casual skirts and dresses.” True! I have worn these babies with jeans, capris, short shorts, casual skirts and dresses and even swimming attire. This is my go-to casual shoes right now (probably until the Crocs Sexi Strappy sandals arrive early November).

Another thing that makes this pair really special is I can wear it both during summer and rainy days. It’s really easy to clean too!

What I dislike about Mccall Ballet flat:
When worn without socks, my feet gets a bit sweaty but it’s not something I cannot tolerate. Haven’t used this while wearing foot socks though.

Prolong use made my feet a bit painful but I believe it is because I got a smaller size. I’m a size 8 but I got the size 7 so I have a feeling that the discomfort is caused by wrong size. When I bought it, size 7 seems snug enough that I didn’t bother to try the size 8. And besides, I cannot remember seeing size 8 during the sale.


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