Eden Nature Park: The Log Cabin

After scouring the crocodile farm, enjoyed the Zorb and filled our tummies with sumptuous dishes, we headed to Eden Nature Park, a mountain resort located in Mount Talomo, Toril Davao City. Eden Nature Park is not just an ordinary mountain resort wherein all amenities such as pool, rooms, restaurant and others are cramped in one area alone. Mountain resort here means huge mountain with amenities scattered in various parts of the mountain. The restaurant is located more than a hundred meters away from the main gate, the front desk is a few hundred meters away from the restaurant and the log cabin, in which we will be staying for the night, is located probably a kilometer farther thus we need a shuttle service when transporting from our cabin to the restaurant and other parts of the resort.
View from the road (photo credit: mawe)
Side portion of the cabin (photo credit: mawe)
It’s called log cabin because the outer wall is made of log cut into half. The inner wall is thick and smooth concrete-looking plywood. It has a living room with television and kitchen equipped with refrigerator, stove, rice cooker, oven and kitchen utensils. The cabin has four rooms with three beds. There are two toilet and baths, with each t & b adjoining the two rooms. Neither the room nor any of the four rooms is air conditioned, only electric fans. But then, who needs air condition or even electric fan when the room temperature is very cold. Thankfully, the shower has hot and cold adjustment else you will find yourself shivering due to cold weather and cold water.
Front portion of the cabin (photo credit: mawe)
Living room and kitchen (photo credit: mawe)
At first, I was kinda hesitant to stay in this cabin because there are no other accommodations or amenities around us. Although it is located along the road where the resort shuttle passes by, the cabin is surrounded with trees and the peaceful ambiance makes it all the creepier. But being the safety-freak that I am, I asked the shuttle driver if there is a house nearby. Good thing there is a guard house just a few meters away from our cabin. Additionally, there are also guards patrolling 24/7 thus making me feel at ease.
The fireplace (left side) and front door (right side) (photo credit: mawe)
Cellular phone signal is poor in this area therefore giving us time to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and spend quality time together. The cabin is ideal for 12 persons but I think it can accommodate up to 15 persons. Charge is Php 7980/night with free use of all the appliances inside the cabin.

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