A Photo A Week: Rediscovering Crochet

I started learning how to crochet during my early grade school days, when my older cousins are struggling (with my mother’s help) to finish their projects in Home Economics. Back then, I created a couple of “an ok quality” projects without proper training. I didn’t know various types of crochet or whatsoever and I am only armed with chain stitch and yarn over skill.

As I get older, become busy with school and trends changing (we were taught cross stitch instead of crochet in school), this beautiful hobby has started to take a back seat. The crochet is often forgotten and if I remember to start a project, a rarely finish time due to lack of time, determination and formal knowledge on various stitches and how to understand patterns.

Fast forward to more than a decade, I am back to this hobby. I think this is what boredom does! I am on the same work routine for five years and the same tasks, schedule and work place has taken a toll on my sanity. I have been looking for something different, fun, and colorful yet something I can do without hurting my bank account. And this is what I came up with! This activity motivates my sleeping brain to come up with beautiful stitch and color combination. Like before, I still don’t know how to read patterns and I only create a project inspired by another project but I am working on that. I downloaded loads of eBooks, watched some videos and even asked my mother’s advice from time to time. I am also inspired to pursue the activity because I found so many bloggers who are also crochet enthusiasts and I drool seeing their works.
My first finished project as an adult is this ivory and moss green cell phone case. I am not too thrilled with the color combination but these are the only colors I have at home when the urge to crochet kicked in. I finished the project in one day (approximately less than five hours if I worked on it nonstop). I originally planned to add a flap but I was so excited to see the finished product hence ditched the plan. I know it isn’t spectacular but my mother said that it’s ok for a beginner. :D

The other day, I bought one spool of Canon’s mercerized cotton yarn in dark pink and started working on my niece’s cell phone case. I aim to finish the project before weekend so that I can give it to her when she comes over. While doing this project, my mind is continuously thinking of a hundred ideas for my next project so expect more crochet posts from now on.

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