Valentine’s Day Gift to Bloggers

The month of love is here once more and for sure, many are already looking for gifts for their significant other. Finding a gift for your loved one shouldn’t be a difficult task to do as there are so many things you can find be it online or in stores near you. You just have to consider the recipients interests or hobbies as well as age. When giving gift to a blogger, here are some ideas you may want to consider:
  • Tech Gear. Not all bloggers are tech-savvy enough to upgrade his/her gadget each time a new model is released but then, who wouldn’t love a more powerful camera when taking pictures of products for review? Gadgets such as tablet, iPad, laptop and camera are some of the useful gifts a blogger can receive.
  • Tech Accessories. Gadgets can be expensive and if you are low on funds and still want to give a gift that has something to do with technology, then your best bet are tech accessories such as laptop bag, tab stand, roll up keyboard, camera lens, external storage device and many others.
  • Hosting Plan. One year (or more!) hosting for free will no doubt delight every blogger. When planning to give this gift, make sure that you discuss first with the recipient to prevent technical issues such as wrong provider or inappropriate hosting plan.
  • Internet Subscription. The internet is an important part of a blogger’s everyday life. Blogging is absolutely impossible without internet connection. And like hosting plan, remember to discuss your plan with the recipient to prevent issues brought by choosing wrong internet subscription plan.
  • Membership to favorite site/service. Some bloggers rely on services provided by companies or sites to make their blogging career easier and detect mistakes or any technical issues at once. Premium account with stock photo sites, SEO tools or social media automation surely make great gifts this coming Valentine’s Day.
  • Coffee Gift Certificate. No need to explain this one. Coffee often helps bloggers start their day right.
  • Spa Give Certificate. While bloggers blog because they enjoy what they are doing, it can be stressful at times too especially if they have been trying to beat deadline after deadline. Reward them with a spa gift certificate to help them unwind after all deadlines are met.
  • Sponsor a Giveaway. Blogging is more fun when statistics are high and when readers post comments or participate in the discussion. One way to achieve this is to hold a blog giveaway. Sponsor the contest prize and your partner will surely love you more for it.
  • Business Card. Let your creativity shine through by creating a cool and attractive business card to boost their online presence in the real world. It doesn’t have to be uber fancy or made of expensive materials. As long as it describes them best, appropriate for their personality and conveys the right message, it will definitely be appreciated.
  • Be a slave for a day (or a week). Buy him/her snacks or lunch on a busy day, drive him/her to a meet up with an advertiser, edit product images (if you can), assist him/her during shoots and the list goes on. You can even volunteer to walk the dog when he/she barely has time to do it.
Hopefully this post was able to give you idea as to what to do to make your someone special’s day more special.


  1. Nice suggestion. It's my first time to read a Valentine's day gift ideas for bloggers in lieu of the common list for travelers and techies.

  2. Hi! I was also planning on writing a post like this! :)