Super Bowl Ad Favorites

Super Bowl happened a few days ago and those who watched it (or the advertisements) probably have a thing or two to say about the event. As for me, I may be oceans apart from where Super Bowl happened but thanks to technology, I was able to see some snapshots of the event.

While I really don’t care about what teams play for championship more so who won, one thing I always look forward to during Super Bowl is the advertisement. This year, I have two favorites. The first one is the Budweiser ad. The puppy melt my heart the first time I saw the ad and I think I will never get tire of watching it again and again. Each scenes are heartwarming and the part where the horses are running to meet the car reminds me of the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I loved the movie as a kid.

My second favorite is the Cheerios ad. I have a soft spot to anything related to father-daughter considering that I didn’t grew up with one (mine died early). This scene is something I would have loved to experience.

There are more Super Bowl ads in addition to these two but they didn’t make it to my list. LOL! Till next Super Bowl… ;)

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