A Whole New Kusina Tsina

When a foodie meets a foodie, one favorite restaurant is never enough. As a couple, my man and I have lots of favorite restaurants - one is Kusina Tsina in Quezon Street.

Kusina Tsina has every reason to be considered our favorite. First and foremost is the quality of the food. For all the times that we’ve been there (probably more than ten times) and all the dishes that we have tried, I must say that I am 98% satisfied with the taste of the food. The only time we are not satisfied was when we ordered a noodle dish that didn’t seem to please our palates. Another reason why we love this resto is the price. They are not on the cheap side but they are not that expensive either. With Kusina Tsina, you get the most satisfying meal at the right price. Another factor is the location. They are just a mere five-minute walk away from our office. How convenient!
Newly-renovated Kusina Tsina during opening day. (Photo Credit)
Recently, the restaurant went through a major renovation. What used to be a narrow resto that commuters rarely notice is now spacious and well-lighted making it an attractive sight to everyone passing by. Everything is changed from the interior, staff’s uniform, utensils and menu. Of course our old favorites are still there but they added new dishes for everyone to enjoy. They have more desserts and drinks as well. Additionally, they have comfort room for customers now. They have second level as well.

New menu
and yes, they now serve sushi!
The new Kusina Tsina opened last January 22 year, the same day Iloilo’s first 7/11 was opened.

I am also glad to let you know that the restaurant now accepts major credit cards.

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  1. I think many people love this restaurant that's why they expanded the place. They want their customers to experience more of what they can offer.