My Christmas Wish list

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. And while I already did a little Christmas shopping for myself, there are still a few things that I want to get. Hence I am sharing my Christmas wish list hoping that Santa go techie and decide to read blogs and chance upon mine. :D

For beauty and fashion, here are the things I have been lusting for:

Ellana Mineral Primer. I know this shouldn’t be on the Christmas wish list as it isn’t even that expensive. However, I can only get this online and they are out of stock in Zalora. This product is available in but I prefer buying from Zalora as there are other items I want to buy from there aside from make up. So yes my point is, I want to save on shipping and I am not that uber make up addict to lust a lot of products that would cost Php 1600 which will entitle me to free shipping. :D

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking. This is another thing I can easily get from a friend who sells authentic US brand makeup cheaper than that in the malls but I am banning myself from buying any new lipstick until I have used at least 50% of the ones I already got. I know a girl can never have too many lipsticks but I am also a frugal one so I am torn in between. :D

MAC Lipstick. A stingy girl like me buying a MAC lipstick is an indication that I have already reached the stage of ultimate addiction. I know it isn’t much compared to others but this is me. :D I have been lusting to get one for a couple of years already and I am sooo close to the edge. If ever I decide to get one (or two!), maybe I’d get Ruby Woo, Russian Red or Dark Side.

Complete Skin Care from a reliable brand. The problem with this is, I don’t know what brand is reliable enough to deliver its claims and most of all, will not trigger another acne breakout. Ever since I had that breakout which lasted for more than half a year, my confidence in trying new products diminished. I have been sticking to products recommended by my dermatologist for months now and things can get boring sometimes. :D I miss the fun of trying a new product for the first time. Also, I know that I am not getting any younger and I am seeing the need to add something to my skin care regimen to slow down aging, if not prevent it. What scares me in buying such products is that they will trigger my acne. Isn’t it annoying when an expensive product causes you negative skin reaction? Ugh! Ultimate pet peeve.

High-top kicks. I always love the comfort of a pair of rubber shoes. I’ve had a few pairs over the years and at one point in my working life, it was the only footwear I wear everyday. However, I haven’t had a high-top one. I can easily buy a pair of Converse high-top but… thanks but no thanks. While sneakers from Converse look classic (which I love!) yet never go out of style, they are too uncomfortable for me. They made my toes hurt like hell. It can only be prevented by wearing thick socks which is not always applicable.

This time, I want to try something new. These babies from Reebok look appealing to me. 

As a new wife, there are also some things I would love to get for our house and family use. I want to get these things asap but I still have to find time to do so.

Hand Mixer. Most baking experts rave about Kitchen Aide but being a beginner, I only want the basic one. I found one at SM Home Store and it costs less than Php 1000 only. Perfect for a budget-conscious student like me.
Cupcake Molds. My husband asked me if I can cook lots of cupcakes as he wanted to bring them home during their family reunion this Christmas. Of course I said yes since this would be a challenge to me. However, I only have one mold (6-piece...LOL!) so I decided that I should add more.

Cake Decorator. He also asked if I can add frosting for the kids to enjoy. Naturally I said yes again even if I still have to find a new recipe to try. LOL! 
Mattress. The mattress we bought before we moved in is too soft it’s making my body sore every morning. I asked the husband how he finds our mattress and he said he feels the same way. I brought up the idea to him that we buy a new mattress and he agreed. *happy dance*

Matching curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc. I think every wife wants a house that is well put together. I just love it when our bed sheet matches our pillow cases as well as curtains everywhere in the house. It doesn’t have to be the same print or color though. As long as they compliment each other, I am fine with it. I am hoping I can find time to hit some linen stores in down town area to buy my supplies and sew them soon.

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  1. Isa lang ata nasa wishlist ko: Yung Blendtec na blender. Kaso ang mahaaaal :|

    Anyway, if you're getting striking, get MAC Russian Red na lang. They're almost the same color.

    A friend bought Striking first kasi nagtitipid sya, kaso nag-f-fade daw agad and ang bilis matanggal after uminom ng tubig. In the end, bumili din sya ng Russian Red.

    Mas mahal pero mas sulit daw in terms of longevity and less frequent reapplication.

    - Rae