Review: Gran Tierra Suites Cebu

After our three day escapade in Bohol, we went back to Cebu for supposedly a bit more adventure. But since it's already around 8pm when we arrived in Cebu and yours truly got sick, we decided to just stay in the hotel for more R & R and just wait for our flight back home the next day.

Three months before our trip, I already booked our hotels and that includes this hotel in Cebu - Gran Tierra Suites. I booked through as they were having a promo at that time. I paid php 541 only for a room that is supposed to cost Php 883 per night. Gran Tierra Suites is located in Don Mariano Cui corner Don Jose Avila Capitol near the Osmeña Circle. I chose this hotel as it is near the hot spots but unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend the night outside because “someone” needs to rest. (Note: some taxi drivers do not know this hotel so better give the exact address as well as some nearby landmarks)
Gran Tierra Suites Double Room (
If you have read my post, there is one comment there (made by someone who also booked through TravelBook.,ph), that they had problem during check in. It took almost one hour waiting time before they were accommodated and allowed to get in their reserved room as the hotel staff has to verify with if a booking is indeed made. Upon reading the comment, I immediately contacted the hotel directly to verify if there is a booking made under my name. Fortunately, they replied with a yes.

When we got there, I gave them my booking confirmation and after signing some receipts, etc, we were ushered to our room. I am thankful that we didn’t encounter any problem, thanks to my blog commenter.
Upon seeing our room, I was a bit disappointed when I saw two single beds instead of one double-sized bed. All along, I thought I booked the one with double-sized bed since it says “double room”. Oh well, I was too tired to clarify and my husband isn’t the one to involve in conflicts either so we settled in without any issues. We huddled in one single-sized bed and dump our stuff in the other.

The room seems clean to me but the husband complains about the smell. Not that it stink but there is something strange according to him. Must be the detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner or cleaning aids they use that he finds strange. I don’t know. The bathroom is alright but at first I had difficulty with the hot and cold shower control as they are of older model/style according to my husband.

The staff are okay and they give us suggestions where to eat and what time should we leave in order to catch our flight the next day.

One thing I love about this hotel is not only their complimentary pastel and cheese roll from the bakery who is also owned by the hotel owner is the free drinking water. There are hot and cold water dispensers located in the hallway so there is no need for us to buy anymore. We even filled our water bottle before leaving for the airport.

They also serve food and have a menu of various restaurants (fast foods especially) should you want to have something delivered for you. We are our breakfast there and the food is ok. I was a bit disappointed about the juice as they served as with the ones in tetra packs and I was expecting something better. The tetra pack is still in our refrigerator until now. :D

To sum it all up, this budget-hotel is alright for rugged travelers like me and my husband but may not be okay for picky travelers. Gran Tierra Suites is ideal for people looking for a room to sleep, wash and secure their things but not perfect for what we call “staycation”.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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