Review: Dickinson Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner

I have always wanted to get this since a long time ago but I can’t find one anywhere because there is no Healthy Option outlet nor seller in Iloilo. When I shopped online for our organic shampoos, I discovered that the seller also carries this and many other organic products of various brands. So without further hesitation, I added this to my shopping cart and got my hands on it a couple of days after.

I started using this around the time my acne problem is 90% healed. If I got this earlier, when my acne is still at its worst, I might have hold off using as I do not want to sabotage my treatment. I know this Dickinson Witch Hazel Toner is natural and has lots of good reviews but I am just cautious to prevent those pesky pimples from ruining my face again. So is it causing my pimples? Find out...

Product Description

Since 1866, our original formula is still the only gentle, non-irritating, oil-controlling skin care product made with Original Witch Hazel. Our natural facial toners gently remove excess oil and impurities without overdrying, leaving your skin soft, smooth and naturally balanced.
  • Refines Pores
  • Removes and controls oils
  • Soothes irritation
  • Locks in moisture


Packaging and Appeal. The toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle that looks refreshing I almost want to drink it. LOL! Kidding aside, I love the simplicity of the bottle and the label with yellow and blue color scheme makes the general appearance more alive.

The toner itself looks like water to me. No color or any speck floating around. If not for its smell, you might think you are applying water on your face.

Effectiveness. This product claims to;
  1. refines pores, however, I cannot say that my pores are refined now. They still look the same but are cleaner.
  2. removes and controls oils, this is so true! My face is less oily each time I apply this in the morning. But since pimple medication can be drying, I skip using this at times.
  3. soothes irritation - as what I have said, I started using this when my pimples are significantly healed. Thankfully, it didn’t irritate the remaining ones nor trigger new ones.
  4. locks in moisture - this toner is not giving me that squeaky-clean feeling but I love that it doesn’t tighten my face.
Scent. Based on reviews, this witch hazel toner smells a bit unpleasant but I am not bothered at all because it disappears in second. I think the benefit it gives our skin far outweighs the unpleasant smell.

Ingredients. All natural Witch Hazel, containing 14% Natural Grain Alcohol and Witch Hazel Extract

Price. I got the 250ml bottle for Php 330 only from an eBay seller. Based on forums, the price is around that range.

Availability. Unfortunately, this product is not widely available. One can purchase from Healthy Options or online sellers only. 


Aspects Rating
Packaging & Appeal 4/5
Effectiveness 3/5
Scent 2.5/5
Ingredients 4.5/5
Price 3/5
Availability 2.5/5
Overall Rating 3.25/5

Will I purchase again?
Yes, but it will probably take a while because the one bottle I got may take three months or so to finish since I am not using this on a daily basis.


To control your facial oils the natural way, give Dickinson Original Witch Hazel Toner a try.


  1. Hi sis! I'm also from Iloilo and I've been looking for this toner. Can I ask the online shop where you bought this?

  2. Hi Sis,

    Thanks for reading my post. I got this toner here:

    Hope this helps.

  3. Wow! Yes it helped a lot! Thank you so much. :) I'm actually going to Manila next week, but if I can't buy, then I'll definitely buy on ebay instead. Thanks for the help!