Quote of the Month: March

I couldn't find any better quote to describe my current situation now than the one above. Eversince I became pregnant, my tummy has been growing rounder and my body wider and weirder. Weird in a sense that, I find myself disliking the foods I used to love before and craving for foods (hello chocolates and grilled pork) I can do without pre-pregnancy. Weird in a sense that I have been suffering from constipation whereas I used to have very regular bowel schedule. And weird in a sense that a little human being with a beating heart is doing somersault inside me.

And like other expecting parents, I and my husband often talk about how our baby will look like and what his characteristics will be. Will he inherit my big eyes? Will he grow up an artist like his father? These are just some of the questions we often ask ourselves and I'm glad that we will get answers in a matter of time. Just a couple of months actually. 

Right now, my heart is filled with everything. Fear, not of labor pain but of the possibilities such as preterm labor, overdue, meconium infection and most of all, C-section. But more than the negative thoughts I need to brush aside, I am more excited and eager to push him out of my womb so I can have him in my arms. I'm pretty sure I’d be emotional when the time comes.

But for the next few weeks, I’ll just wait and continue to grow rounder, wider and weirder while wondering who he’ll turn out to be.

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