Review: EQ Pants

Every mom, I think, has gone through the challenging phase of putting on taped diaper to an active toddler. That challenge started for me when my son learned how to crawl. After bathing/washing, I would place him on one side of the bed to put on his diaper but after like one second, he is already on the other side and would crawl away each time I try to get near him. That is why I decided to shift to diaper pants, though I still try to put on his cloth diaper or disposable taped diaper from time to time.

EQ Pants is the first brand of diaper pants we tried since we use EQ Plus and EQ Dry.


360° Snug Fit
Waistband is stretchable and made of soft cottony materials that allow for a comfortable fit even when baby is on the move. Its breathable waistband allows air to flow through, giving baby a fresher feeling while helping prevent irritation and rashes.

Leg Cuffs
Leg cuffs stretches with baby's every move for a snug fit. It also prevents leakage.

Stand to Wear
Easy to put on your active toddler; it's just like underwear!

Tear-Away Side Seams
Side seams of waistband are easily torn for quick removal when changing pants.

Super Absorbent Core with LDL
Allows maximum dryness by drawing urine away from baby's skin, keeping baby feeling dry. The LDL (Liquid Distribution Layer) distributes urine evenly to prevent leakage.



  • Easy to put on even to an active child. I am able to put on my on even when he is standing or trying to escape from me.
  • Last through the night without urine leaks.
  • The diaper stays in place despite his turning and tumbling and other acrobatic moves.
  • Does not irritate my son's skin even during his first use.
  • Affordable.
  • Available in most grocery and drug stores.


  • Waistband is too tight for my son's belly so we shifted to one size bigger but it's still the same. It often leaves garter marks around his waist.
  • I think it's a bit narrow and is unable to cover the entire bum area.
  • Poop leaked a few times.


As of this posting, we have tried two brands only - this EQ Pants and Happy Baby Pants and we are loving this (EQ) over the other. My boy uses this at night and when we are going out for the day. It is affordable, reliable and does not cause rashes so mama approves.

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  1. I'm not a mom yet, but this is an interesting read for me. I'm sure when the time comes that I have a child of my own, I'll be looking into different kinds and brands of diapers and their other necessities.

    EQ Pants seems promising! Sadly though, maybe if the fit on the bum is better, there wouldn't be poop leakage?