Review: Happy Baby Pants

Previously, I reviewed EQ Pants - our favorite diaper pants at the moment. This time, I will be reviewing the second diaper pants we have tried - Happy Baby Pants.

I have been seeing this particular brand each time I go grocery shopping but I wasn't too keen in trying since my son is somehow doing good with EQ Pants. However, he gets garter marks and tends to scratch his waist since EQ's waistband is too tight for his "milk belly" so I decided to find something that is more comfortable for him. So Happy Diaper Pants enter the scenario.


Relaxed Waistband
Elastic waistband so gentle that it won't put pressure on baby's waist.

Tailored like an underwear
Designed and shaped like a regular underwear fit for baby's mobility, with ease and comfort.

Quick absorbing material
Soothing to baby's skin and prevents rash.

Dynamic anti-leak system
Quick fluid absorption and prevents leakage.



  • Relaxed waistband so it is more comfortable for my son.
  • Less garter marks around the waist.
  • Easy to put on even to an active child. I am able to put on my son even when he is standing or trying to escape from me.
  • Lasts through the night without leaks.
  • Cheaper than EQ Pants.
  • Available in most grocery and drug stores.
  • Comes in trial pack (pack of 4's)


  • Caused rashes during first use.


While this diaper made my son's bum red during his first use, I think this is a good alternative of pull up pants/diaper pants. It lasts through the night but we rarely use this as our nighttime diaper to avoid rashes from coming back since my son has fairly sensitive skin. This has become our daytime diaper at home. (3 to 4 hours use).

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