Three Years...

Today is my third year anniversary at my current company. Seems like it was only yesterday when I was struggling to finish university, wondering what my life would be after I graduated from college. But here I am now... have been earning (and spending) for exactly three years now.

I can vividly remember the day when I, together with around five of my college classmates, head to the old and small office to pass our resumes and take the exam. After taking the exam and submitting some work (nearly missed the deadline because I was bit of lost that time), I was informed to come for an interview. A few more days after, the HR texted me to attend the orientation because I will be reporting for work the day after I was given orientation. I remember I nearly jumped for joy after reading the text message.

The first day of work was equally memorable. Since I was assigned to work nigh shift, I came there around an hour early (commuting from my town late at night can be difficult). I can exactly remember the black pants, white top with light brown lace blazer and denim pumps I wore. Nervousness, excitement and apprehension are felt all at the same time. Hey, it's my first day at my first ever job.... I have all the right to feel those.

Good thing three of my college classmates have been working there for a few months so I never really have to feel alone. I was assigned to a work station between two guys (which I later found out the other one is gay... kidding!). I was really too shy to talk and make friends with them because I'm sort of aloof and they all seem like they're doing well with their respective tasks.

But fast forward to three years, I'm no longer the shy girl at WS10 (I was transferred to WS7 almost a year ago.). I gained a lot of friends and learned from them; work-related or not. Though I can sometimes be heard ranting about the company, I admit it opened a lot of opportunity for me. I learned a lot of lessons that I'm sure I can use even if I'm no longer part of the company. I'm not sure if I will stay for another year but whatever path life will lead, this company will always have a place in my heart.

Happy 3rd anniversary to me and to my friend, April! (sorry Cay, I just have to use your first name because it sounds cute.. LOL!) The chocolate ice cream was yummy... :)

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  1. hahahaha... I feel the same...

    Time flies so fast, eh?! Oh well, let's just try to stay in the company for as long as we can manage... But, Thank God we made it.. ;)

    I'm ok with the A... but not with the R.. ahaha :D God Bless us.. :D