Rain Gear

I've been racking my brain for some new ideas to post here but seems like nothing came out of my mind... then I remember I've been suffering from "brain-freeze" since early this morning.

But hearing the raindrops falling on the roof, I remembered the look I created on looklet many days ago.
The look is my favorite outfit especially on a rainy working day - nice pair of jeans, jacket/coat over a shirt and my old sneakers. I won't really care if the rain will fall heavily as long as I'm wearing this super comfy outfit. I don't know if it's weird but I just do not want to brave the city on a rainy day wearing a pair of slippers or other open footwear (The price of having a mother who often talks about Leptospirosis and asks you to wash your feet with soap and water and isopropyl alcohol soon after you arrived home on a rainy day.) Furthermore, this outfit can make it easy for me to commute knowing that it is during days like these when the passengers are the one running after a jeepney... this makes it easy for me to defeat fellow commuters who are wearing high heels, skirts and other less comfortable outfit.

Of course the headband is just an additional bling...

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