Colored Metal Frame Wire Fixation

Summer in the Philippines is so over. In fact, it's already rainy season here. But then, my obsession for colored metal frame wire aviators knows no season. Wherever I go (during the day of course), my red metal frame wire aviator goes with me. But since I'm using it like almost everyday since December of last year, the color of the frame has started to fade and chip. I've been looking for a replacement for quite some time now but unfortunately, I can't find anything that is alike or better than my old one, at a reasonable price.

However, while I was window shopping at eBay, I found these cute aviators that I'd really want to own.

They are the cutest thing ever! They may not be as expensive as Ray-Ban but they're just as cute. And besides, I wouldn't want to buy anything so expensive that I know I'll break or lose due to my recklessness. As of now, I'm contemplating whether to buy or not. I haven't bought anything from eBay and the thought of ordering online, having it shipped, paying for the shipping cost (the shipping cost is almost equal to the cost of the item itself), waiting for the delivery and the possible glitches I might come across stresses me out. If only I can find these types at some malls in our area, I'd not hesitate to get one in ALL COLORS. :(

Off to think about this... :D

photo credits: coolthingsforsalehere

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