Chuckingly Sleek

Last week my cousin went home after almost two years of staying abroad. He was supposed to go home last year but due to unavoidable circumstances, he wasn't able to do so. That made him miss a lot of family celebrations like birthdays, Christmas and such. Going back to the topic, he brought home a pair of new shoes for me. It was his combined present for my last two birthdays - 2009 & 2010.

I asked (persuaded him) for a particular running shoes (even sent him a link to the item) but he does not seem to like it. Instead, he brought home a pair of sneakers from Adidas (Sleek series) and mind you, it has a glittering sparkly canvas upper. At first glance, I was like, "What's with the glitters? It'll really make me look girly!" But of course I just kept my mouth shut because of the fear of offending him and might no longer give me stuff. LOL! I know he just want me to look like a real girl even in trainers. :)

I've worn it for a few days and oh well... I'm starting to love it. It is so light and it provides me with the most comfortable insole cushion next to my Skechers bikers shoes (I am kinda picky when it comes to shoes because of early signs of arthritis. LOL!). Even if I wear it with flimsy socks, it is still comfortable unlike my old Chucks. I have nothing against Converse, I actually love my Chucks but I must say, my feet tend to get painful and develop blisters if I wear it without socks for extended period of time.

I actually feel sad for my Chucks because I'm no longer using it as often as before. I haven't even washed it for probably over a month but still I wouldn't trade it for anything... oh no, not for anything. I wouldn't trade it for a pair of sky-high heels. It has been my companion in many sad and happy moments of my life and I'm sure, it'll still accompany me in many days to come especially now that it's rainy season once again.

To the sparkly shoes, welcome to my crazy world. I have accepted the fact that, shining glittering stuff isn't that bad. You are beautiful in your own way and I look forward to creating happy memories with you. To my Chucks, it's not time for good riddance yet. You are still strong enough to take me wherever I want and I thank you for the countless days of helping me put my best foot forward. And to my cousin, thank you for always being a big brother to us. You just don't know how thankful I am to have you in my life. I may not be the apple of your eyes anymore but I'm sure, I'd still be your little cousin you'd like to kick (but you can't) every time I cause you trouble. I love you big guy!

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