Now in Iloilo: Za, Majolica Majorca, BYS and more...

SM Delgado is done renovating their department store area and it’s quite amazing to see not only the brand new classy-looking interior but also the brands they did not carry before. I’m guessing that my face lightened when I see brands such as Za and Majolica Majorca in the aisle between the escalators and Liole and other Korean brands not far away. These brands were not available in any departments stores in Iloilo and I wouldn’t know of them had I not been reading beauty blogs, both local and international. Maybe except for Za because I have known the brand since I was little through MTV commercial. The brand took a leave though and is now back with brand new look.

Though the counter is just like two-meter wide for each brand, it’s great to know that they are there and you won’t need to pay for shipping should you want to get something from the brands mentioned.
View from the escalator
Za, Majolica Majorca, BYS, Liole and some Korean brands counters are located in the ground floor of SM Delgado (Iloilo).

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  1. How nice! I wish they'd bring some of the Korean brands to the SM malls here in Batangas too.