Talking About Writing... and Running!

I consider myself a bookworm... but that was before I learned to earn money (aka get a job) and got hooked to internet especially blogging, social media and online games. :D Nowadays, I can barely finish a book in one month except if it’s one of my favorite series in which I can finish in a couple or so days.

If you cannot see me reading a book as quickly as before, you won’t surely see me buying a brand new book. But blessings and love come in many forms. It was last week of June when my guy surprised me with a book (and author) I haven’t even heard of. (He is that random!)

The book is titled “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami. He chose that book because according to him, it suits me perfectly - I write and I run too. I’m not an accomplished writer, more so a hardcore runner. I write just for the fun of expressing my thoughts and emotions and I run because of the health benefits I get from it. So perhaps he believes that I can possibly relate to the story and the author.
Published by Vintage International

The book is the author’s memoir about his running and writing endeavors. In the book, he relates how running is related to writing and how some techniques or principles used in writing can be applied to running. The book is not loaded with flowery words since it is non-fiction but you can feel the author’s humor, his passion towards running and how he faced the challenges coming his way.

The book is more of inspiring rather than entertaining. I find some portions of it quite boring but not to the point of ditching it for good. As what I have said, this is my first book from Murakami so I cannot compare this one to his other creations. But if you are in for light reading, and share the same interest with the author (and me!), then give this book a try. You will never know what lesson or strategy you will get be it on running, writing or life in general.

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  1. Thank you for sharing sis! I also love reading books and I will surely add this to my long list of To Read list. :-)