Review: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick

As what I have said on my previous product review, I temporarily stopped using Avon cosmetics for some reason. But recently, I noticed that my interest to the brand is gradually increasing probably because they continuously offer good deals that are too tempting to ignore. In addition to the pressed powder I reviewed a while back, I have an Avon product to talk about - the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick.

My past experience with Avon lipstick isn’t worth remembering. It gave me that gooey feeling a few hours after application. That is actually one of the reasons why I stopped using any Avon cosmetics. But having co-workers who are also Avon dealers, I have constant access to the brand’s monthly brochure hence giving me info about new items or those with discount. After years of hiatus, I am seeing myself gradually rebuilding my relationship with the brand. If I am still getting the same result as before, it’s for you to find out so keep reading...

Product Description:
Now formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Hydrolized Collagen for soft, young-looking lips bursting with vibrant color. With SPF15 for sun protection.


Packaging and Appeal. While I love fancy packaging, I’ve grown to love the simple yet sleek packaging of this lipstick. Avon UMR Lipstick comes in an all-black packaging with glossy finish. The brand name “Avon” is elegantly etched on the band/knob that separates the lid/cap and the container. The brand name is also etched on the product itself. I love that the lid locks to the container thus it is less likely to accidentally open and cause a mess inside your bag.

Scent. The shade I got is passionate pink and it smells like watermelon, I love it! I’m not sure though with other shades as I have yet to try them.

Pigmentation. I will be talking about the shade passionate pink since this is the only shade I got at the moment. The passionate pink (M04) is a very light pink shade with shimmer. It’s so light that it almost looks sheer to me, so sheer that it can be mistaken as lip gloss when worn. The shimmer is not visible either.

Texture. I love that this lipstick is not heavy on the lips. It doesn’t even give me that gooey feeling I used to get when using Avon lipsticks before. Additionally, it doesn’t settle into lines nor smudge and settle into fine lines surrounding the lips.

As the name implies, Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick is one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I have tried. It doesn’t cause dryness and stickiness. I no longer see the need to apply lip balms before applying this lipstick.

Staying Power. Unfortunately, UMR’s rating in this aspect is not quite satisfactory. It only lasts not more than three hours without eating or drinking and shorter with those two activities. Oh well... this feat is quite common with most moisturizing lipsticks.

Ingredients. I cannot find the list of ingredients of this product but according to Avon website, it contains pomegranate extract and hydrolized collagen which are beneficial in moisturizing the skin.

Price. Regular price of Avon Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick is Php 299 but I got this on sale for Php 149 only. Beat that! :D

Availability. Of course this is available all year round (unless the company decides to discontinue it) but availability of the shades is not guaranteed especially when it’s on sale. When ordering to your Avon lady, better give her second and third option should the shade you want is already sold out.

Packaging and Appeal3.5/5
Staying Power2/5
Overall Rating/5

Would I buy this product again?
Yes! Actually I am planning to get the other shades.

For a budget babe like me, this stuff is surely a steal as long as it’s on sale. So keep checking the Avon brochure since they are having great discounts on various products every month.

This lipstick comes in three variants/finish so better pay attention when choosing the shade to get. There is a sign/mark beside the name of the shade to inform buyers if it’s sheer, shimmer and satin.

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  1. I have an Avon UMR lipstick too, in Sheer Red. It's my go-to MLBB lipstick. :D