Damires Hills: Revisited

My first trip to Damires Hills in Janiuay, Iloilo was in December 2010, that was just a couple of months after it has been opened to public. Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to revisit the place for free because it is where our company training was held. Though a business trip, I consider it a pleasure trip as well because we were given enough time to have fun. In fact, almost half the time of our stay there is spent having fun. :D

It’s amazing how the resort improved in the span of almost three years. A wider and deeper pool has been added in the lower portion of the hill. Beside the new pool is also a small kiddie pool. Apart from the pools, amenities added include function hall, zipline and ATV adventure, bungee trampoline and more shower room/toilets near the pool and overnight cottages.

Two new swimming pools. (Photo credit)

The other end of this pool is 6ft deep. (Photo credit)

Pool from above (Photo credit)

The original pool with the new pool in the background (Photo credit)

What used to be a ricefield before has been turned into a vegetable garden. They are growing various vegetables organically and some are used in the kitchen while some are displayed for sale in their fruit/vegetable stand. Of course, they are for sale at a cheaper price compared to those sold in the city.

Vegetable garden (picture taken on a gloomy morning)

View from overnight cottage (picture taken on a gloomy morning)
While Janiuay is 33 kilometers northwest away from the city, going to this haven is not difficult at all. You don’t even need a private vehicle to reach this haven. To get there via public transportation, just head to Ungka Terminal (across Christ the King) and look for a public utility jeepney (PUJ) bound for Janiuay. You can hire these jeepneys for personal use but you can also commute together with other passengers. Negotiate with the driver if he can take you to the resort for an additional fee since the route of PUJs are only until the town proper and Damires Hills is located in a barangay after the town. More often, the driver will ask you if you would want to be fetched from the resort for your trip back to the city.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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