Mongolian Buffet Experience at EON Centennial Plaza Hotel

Buffet meals are so common nowadays that you can see lots of restaurants offering buffet meals in almost every part of the city. From Sarabia Manor hotel to a small refreshment located along the small street somewhere in the city, you can satisfy your gastronomic need without hurting the budget. That is if you can eat more than what you paid for.

One spot I've been to recently to to pamper my stomach is the EON Centennial Plaza hotel. The hotel offers Mongolian buffet lunch and dinner every day except Sunday. Unlike other buffet experiences in which you can just pick any dish available, buffet here makes dining more fun because you will be the one to make your own dish. Instead of cooked dishes, the long table has bowls containing raw ingredients - from meat, chicken, noodles to vegetables and seasoning, for customers to choose from. You will then pick and combine whatever ingredient that suits your fancy and have your "masterpiece" cooked by the staff in the kitchen. While they provide some recipes you can follow, you can also make up your own.
Photo credit: EON Centennial Plaza Hotel

Cooking the dish usually takes around 10 minutes and the most exciting part is seeing the waiter head towards your table to bring your finished product and you can finally get to taste it. Once you are done with your first round, you can go ahead for your succeeding rounds. When doing so, you may want to change your bowl so that the previous seasoning and ingredients will not affect the taste of your current one. Also, you may want to create your meal in small amounts so that if you do not like its taste, it won't be too hard for you to eat it all up. However, if you are confident with your talent in the kitchen, then go ahead, fill that bowl to your heart's content.
Photo credit: EON Centennial Plaza Hotel
I am not sure if the same procedure is exercised with other Mongolian buffet since this is my first time to try this cuisine but I really enjoyed the experience and I look forward to doing it again soon.

EON Centennial Plaza Hotel is located in Jalandoni St. Iloilo City and Mongolian buffet costs Php 175/head. If you will come in group of 10 or 20 (like us!), I recommend you place your reservation at least a day before for hassle-free dining experience.

Contact number: +63 33 337 2277

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