37th Milo Marathon in Iloilo: Running in the Rain

The 37th Milo Marathon in Iloilo took place exactly a week ago (August 4, 2013) and it was something worth remembering. Every participant who were at the venue were all wet, dripping wet to be exact, because of heavy rains around 30 minutes after the 21k started and right before the 10k race started.
Photo Credit: Milo Philippines
But despite the rain, the spirit of the participants was not dampened. Many decided to push through and finish the race though running while the rain is raging is never the easiest thing to do. I have to deal with countless puddles of rainwater forming in the road (and other runners intentionally stepping on these puddles to hit other runners with water), the rain hitting my eyes (didn't bring a cap), wet socks and shoes (at least it's not squeaky, thanks Nike), the cold that seems to have reached my bones and back pain probably caused by cold.

Everyone was on high spirit while struggling to reach the finish line. A group of friends talking and laughing boisterously, a couple never leaving each other and serious runners who are conscious about their pace and time are just some of the scenes present last week. I, on the other hand ran with friends at some point and ran alone at some point because we separated (due to speed and stamina difference) felt good about myself simply because I was so determined to finish the race instead of quit halfway because of the rain. And I'm proud to say that my speed improved compared to last year’s Milo Marathon. I may not be as fast as others but I beat my personal record and that is something I am proud of. :D

That pretty much sums up my 2nd Milo Marathon experience. If health and opportunity permits, I'll still be joining next year, rain or shine. ;)

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