Review: Body Music Sports Bra (A60)

When I was just trying to develop my jogging routine, I promised myself that I will get a new pair of shoes should I became consistent with the activity. Well, I already bought a new pair of shoes months ago and until now, I am still committed to continue what I have started. Thus, I rewarded myself with another purchase that I can use when I go jogging - a new sports bra. Well, it’s not actually a reward since it’s actually necessary and what I got is just a basic and simple one. But it’s a reward just the same since I won’t be buying it had I stopped doing the activity.

Anyway, what I got is nothing high end, expensive or from a popular sports brand. It’s the type that any other frugal girl like me would buy. The product is by Body Music. I can’t find enough information about the brand online so I’m guessing that the brand has either not developed its online presence yet or is simply not that popular to gain attention of other sports enthusiasts.

Going back to the main purpose of this post which is to review the apparel, I best describe this sports bra as halter type design in front and the racerback has a hole in the middle. It comes with removable pads but I don’t think the pads will last long if washed frequently hence I remove them before washing. Based on the product label, the apparel is made of cool temp fabric to improve performance and greater comfort all year round. While it doesn't make me run 10 times faster than my normal speed, I sort of agree that it improves performance since it provides the wearer greater comfort. I tried using this bra while running under the sunny sky and when the rain is pouring hard and so far it hasn't disappoint me. It doesn't even smell sweaty despite the sweat I’d had from jogging. Indeed, it gives me the comfort and support that I need.

The strap is not adjustable; however it is less likely to fall of the shoulders. The lack of back closure can make putting on and taking this bra off a struggle and I’m afraid it will wear out the fabric and garter. But if this is good, I’m sure it will not happen any time soon. When that time comes, I will be updating this post for sure.

Slot for removable pads

I got this stuff at Robinson’s Mall Iloilo for Php 399.

Sports Bra from Amazon...

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