Janda Loafers from Parisian’s Comfy Collection

I cannot remember when the last time I bought a pair of shoes from Parisian was. In other words, it was so looong ago. I have one explanation for this - the last pair (nude peeptoe) I bought from the brand caused me painful blisters and utmost discomfort that made me promise myself that I will never buy anything from them. From then on, I don’t even dare look at the items from Parisian each time I visit the mall.

For years, my impression of the brand remains the same until that one time when I noticed their new collections. Being a fan of flats, loafers, mules and anything that provides utmost comfort, I got a bit excited upon seeing their comfy collection. They have a wide array of shoes that are actually my kind of shoes, the type in which I can wear to work, mall, to church, when going on road trips or just hanging out with friends.

When I tried one, I felt like my foot is in feet heaven. More than stylish, it feels comfortable because of its cushioning and contoured foot bed. It also has rubber out soles therefore reducing the risk of slips which I am prone to considering how “unladylike” I am. And with a price of less than Php 1000, what is there not to like in these babies?

Among the various designs available, I chose these Janda design in mustard. It costs Php 699 only, way cheaper than other loafers I consider buying. I asked for a new pair but unfortunately, the one on display is the only one available for my size and since I rarely fell in love at first sight when it comes to shoes, I settled for what is available. Oh well, sometimes you just have to settle for what is available because, they, too can make you happy.

Since the pair is in my possession for only a couple of weeks, I cannot vouch for its durability. But I’m seriously hoping that it will stand the test of time (and my fast-paced gait) for I’m considering of buying more from the brand. However, before I do that, I also consider those cute flats at Zalora as they have so many cute flats available! I am eyeing the loafers by Laura and the brogue flats by Koumi Koumi.

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