Black and White Outfit Inspiration

Black and white is the theme for our Company Christmas Party this year and since we  rarely “dress to kill” in the office (hurray for not so strict dress code), the December’s party is something I always look forward to. During the planning, their were three choices but due to black and white’s simplicity, it garnered the highest vote.

As usual, I want to go for simple outfit. I’ve been thinking about wearing a bodycon dress and in fact, I already have one in which the upper portion is plain black and the bottom is printed. However, what I want is a plain black dress with three fourth or long sleeves and cutouts like the ones below.

black bodycon

Unfortunately, I can’t find something similar in the shops here in the city and I am hesitant to buy online as I want to try the dress first before buying. Not that I don’t buy clothes online but with a bodycon, I just want to make sure that it fits me perfectly so that I will never look frumpy or uncomfortable.

I am also thinking of DIY-ing the black long sleeve turtleneck top I used during our company Halloween Party. I want to get rid of the turtle neck and make the back portion look something like below.

black crop top

I originally wanted to pair it with a black bodycon skirt but I bought a white polka dots skirt a few days ago so I might be using that skirt and go for vintage look instead.

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