Earning From Your Blog Through Viral Planet

One reason why I want to keep this site updated is building passive income although I admit my blog is not earning as much as others. But that doesn’t stop me from blogging because I love what I do. So you see, when you blog, you also have to be passionate about it to help you keep going.

Last June, I got an email inviting me to join Viral Planet, a blog advertising service similar to Google Adsense. Interested parties will have to options when registering; publisher and advertiser. When you want to advertise your business, obviously you have to sign up as advertiser however if you own a blog and you want to earn from it, you have to sign up as publisher.

Naturally I signed up as publisher since I have to business to advertise and that is what I am invited for. Unlike Google Adsense in which you have to ad banners to your site, Viral Planet only requires publishers to add a small code in the homepage. I love this style as I never have to worry about the banner’s placement, design and if it looks good when added to your site. You just have to install that small code and everything else will follow. Actually it is so simple that I forgot about it until I got an email that they are sending me 7 GBP for my October earning. Not convinced (considering the rampant fraud email), I checked my Viral Planet account as well as my Paypal account. To my surprise, the money is indeed there!

Viral Planet works by placing ad/s to your content. When your blog is chosen to carry out a certain campaign, you will see some words in your content with double underline (usually the underline is color green). When you place your mouse over that underlined words, a small window will pop up and when you click on it, you will be taken to a larger window to view the video advertisement. While many people find popup windows annoying, I don’t think it will annoy my readers as you they are in total control. In other words, you will not be taken to a new window if you don’t click on it. If you just hover over the underlined words and you decide to move your mouse away from it, the window disappears at once.

Also, I love that the payout is sent through Paypal and they pay immediately.

This company looks promising and I am excited as to how our partnership will turn out to be.

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