Deodorant Antibacterial Insoles from Saizen Daiso

Last week, the guy and I dropped to Saizen Daiso Robinsons Iloilo to find some Japanese treats to eat but as usual, we came out of the store carrying more than we intended to buy since all items are sold for Php 88 only.

We got packs of mixed dried fruits, a pack of 8-piece soft cloth (we place it over our mouse pads for extra comfort), a pair of bedroom slippers and foot cushion which I will be talking about in this post.

The cushion features:

Antibacterial Finishing and Deodorization Characteristics. The antibacterial finishing inhibits the propagation of bacteria on the fabric and softens the uncomfortable odor of your feet.

Breathability. Its special structure (3D woven) helps the sweat on the toe and tread part dropped and reduces the surface of tackiness and humidity on your foot.

Cushioning Characteristics. The special structure (3D woven) material has superior cushioning characteristics and softens foot soreness.

The insoles are great when using flats as they provide added comfort and protection however when the shoe size is just right, this can cause discomfort and blisters. I think this is ideal when worn with a pair of shoes that is a bit big for you. When it comes to its deodorizing/antibacterial power, I cannot be too sure as I don’t have problems with smelly feet or the like so I cannot really tell the difference.

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