When Beauty Products Aren’t Enough

If you follow my posts, you will know that I have been suffering from acne (too much of it) since the middle of October. I tried various beauty products but the improvement is minimal to nothing. I think that was the worst days of my year. My self-confidence dropped to -100 and I sometimes no longer want to go out of the house and meet other people because of my horrible face. It was so disappointing that I decided to seek medical attention to treat my acne-infested face.

I went to Dr. Carmela Wendy Uy since she is one of the dermatologists accredited by our HMO. Based on her acne grading system (I forgot the name), mine is on grade two only but for me, I think it’s on grade four or five. I don’t dare argue with her though since of course she is doctor and she knows better. :D

She prescribed three topical medications, one soap and 14 doxycycline to be taken once every night. The soap is called Hydra Pine tar Exfoliating Soap  and must be used to wash my face twice every day, morning and night. After washing with soap, I must apply Clindamycin liquid to my dry face and followed by acne lotion in the morning or retinoic acid lotion at night.

Aside from prescribing my medicines, she also shared information about acne, what could possibly cause it and how to prevent it from getting worse. Through her, I learned that vitamin B and foods rich in iodine actually cause pimples and sadly, I take vitamin B every night for months already. That could be one of the reasons why my face is not getting any better. She also told me to be patient as treatment may take three to six months.

One month after I started my medication, I am seeing significant improvement. During my follow up check up, she told me to continue my topical medications and prescribed another 14 doxycycline to be taken every other night. I am going to return to her before the year ends as she said she will be cleaning my face. I am not sure though what are the processes involved. That is something I have to find out when the time comes.

Right now, I am more than glad that my face has started to clear up although there are still a few popping out every now and then. I am just glad that my face does not look as yucky as before and I can go out of the house without loading on concealer and face powder.


  1. may i ask how much the hydra soap? i have one and it was prescribed by the same doctor its just that i dont have her number anymore

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for reading my post. If I remember it correctly, the soap is around Php 200- 250. Hope this helps.

  2. Can i bought in whole sale and where?

    Pls.advice. because i have psoraisis

    Thank u.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      With your skin condition, I suggest that you visit a dermatologist before using any product.