First Zalora Purchase

A few months back, I collaborated with Zalora on a certain blog post and in return, they give me a one-time 30% discount coupon. From then on I would check their website from time to time hoping to find something I like but I didn’t find anything. I have been thinking of giving away my coupon code to anyone who is interested just so I can make use of something I worked for. Fortunately for me, I forgot about it until I found this cute blouse I have been looking for.

I’ve been scouring the malls in my area for weeks already to find a similar top or dress like this but to my disappointment, there is nothing I can find that would suit my preference and budget. I am just so glad that I found this! Additionally, I can finally use the discount coupon I have been itching to use for months.
The Mee In Charlie Top in Standout Black

Aside from the top, I also got this mustard wallet.
The inside part of the wallet.
Purchasing from Zalora is easy! You just have to create an account with them, check the items for sale and add the items to your shopping cart once you have decided what to buy. When shopping is done, you can proceed to checkout and pay for your items. While processing my order, there’s something I wasn’t too sure about so I emailed their support to ask for help. It’s so amazing that reply came in around a couple of hours although their automatic response says to expect reply within 24 - 48 hours.

Inside of the box.
My package arrived just two days after I made the order. Maybe if I paid through bank deposit, it might have arrived sooner. But I used my Mastercard as I was too lazy to go the bank and we all know that Mastercard transactions need verification before the merchant approves the purchase and allow shipment. Despite that, I am still happy with my purchase and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the last time I’d buy stuff from them.

The seal is located on top of the box.
 Zalora has lots of fashionable and budget-friendly items to choose from. Shop with them using the discount code ZBAPC5v and get that hot jeans or gorgeous bag you’ve been eyeing to get for less.

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