Wheat Nuts: The Nut-free Nuts!

Ever since my dermatologist gave me a list of foods I need to avoid, my man took over the role of implementing it. Each time I’m craving for something I’m not supposed to eat, he would usually make me choose between clear skin and that food in question. And of course, looking back at the time when my face is at its worst and my self-confidence is zero, I immediately shun the thought and make myself feel better by thinking that I’m doing this to avoid another massive break out.

Actually, the dermatologist’s list is just short but since I spend at least 10 hours a day in the internet and read various health and beauty information during free time, the list became longer. And although the list didn’t specifically mention nuts, I decided to avoid them for some reason.

I’m okay with this diet but I admit, I miss eating foods I used to eat without reservations (because I don’t get fat no matter what I eat!). So when my “guardian” told me that he has eaten wheat nuts bought by a co-worker and that we should buy one so that I can try it, I became quite excited.

Wheat Nuts, the crunchy-good nutty-tasting snack, that is what the bottle says. I couldn’t agree more with the line. They indeed taste like nuts and in fact more delicious than the baked peanuts I have been craving for. They are a bit salty with texture and crunchiness the same as peanut. Aside from the taste, they are also less sinful as they are made without hydrogenated vegetable oil, have no cholesterol and of course, nut-free! It’s like beauty and brains in women standard. LOL!
The 198g bottle costs Php 170 and although it seems expensive for its size, it actually is not because one handful can make you feel really full. One bottle will probably last a few days when for one person.

While googling about this product, I learned that Anacon, the maker, will be closing its door soon and the result would be… NO MORE WHEAT NUTS! I also learned that this product has been existing for years and the reason I just learned about it is because it is an American product. Good things always end indeed! Oh well, I just have to enjoy the product while I still can and hope that someone buys the company and continue making such yummy snack.


  1. Hi! Where do you buy your wheat nuts? I have been trying to search for this but to no avail kase. TIA!

  2. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for reading my post. I got this from a local grocery here in Iloilo though I'm not sure if it's still available it there now. HTH