Four Years and Forever

When you love someone, you’ll do everything to keep that person; in sickness and in health, in richer or poorer… naks! I did just like that. Proof? I and my significant other are celebrating our 4th anniversary as a couple today.

Today should have been our church wedding as well and the blog title must have been our tagline but due to some family emergency, we decided to cancel the church wedding and have wedding through civil rites instead.

I am just thankful that I accepted him to my life four years ago. Our relationship isn’t without its ups and downs or good and bad days but we managed to get through everything because of one thing - our love for each other. Naks again! :D Because of love, we learned to see each other beyond our individual imperfections, accepted that no one person is perfect and respect each other. We may not be like other couples who lavish each other with material gifts (because we are practical like that) but that isn’t a problem to us. Instead of material gifts, we instead spend on creating experiences and memories together like going on trips during our anniversaries and birthdays. To each its own anyway. :D

Tomorrow, we will be exchanging “I do”... oh not really. I mean I’m not sure if exchanging of “I do” is part of a civil wedding ceremony but I’m sure that today is the last day that I will officially use my own family name. I’ll be a Mrs. tomorrow. :D

I know this post is not of significance to others and I am not even sure if I’m making sense here but I’m posting anyway to commemorate our relationship. My senses will be back next month! LOL!

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