Rural Dame is Moving!

No, not this blog! This blogger is the one who is moving to what would be her home for at least a year… or two. Actually, I moved yesterday. The rural dame is now city girl, at least for now. :D

With this move comes an important milestone that will greatly affect my future. I am getting married! Although our original wedding plan didn’t come into fruition due to family emergency, I am just glad that we pushed through with the wedding and make do with what we have at the moment. After all, for us frugal couple, it’s not the wedding that really matters but the marriage; our commitment and love to each other.

Starting from couple of months before the move, I have been quite busy with many things. We went scouting for apartment in the city, met the apartment’s administrator, scouted for household stuff and the likes. Moving to a new place is not that easy I tell you. Plus the fact that I haven’t made a big move before and with a family nest I’ve come to love since forever, leaving makes me feel a bit sad. But then, thinking of a new life I am going to build together with the man I am with for four years makes it all worthwhile. I look forward to the future we are going to build together and it just thrills me that finally… we are together most of the time (since we work in the same company, for now). *heart heart* LOL!

So there, moving gave me mixed feeling but beautiful feeling nonetheless.
Before the move. (Sorry for the crappy photo)
So what will happen to this blog after the move?

Well, Rural Dame will continue to be Rural Dame. I will still post the usual topic such as beauty reviews, travel and foods. I might also post recipes (food is different from cooking!), family wellness and other topics pertaining to home and family life but I may not be posting baby topics any sooner. That will have to wait next year at least. :D And since I live a few minutes away from my workplace and no longer need to go on dates during weekends, I will have more free time which means more time to blog. With this move, I am also looking forward to resume reaching my monthly quota of eight posts per month and update my Iloilo Wedding blog.

Right now, there are still lots of unpacking and organizing to do and I have to tend to them sooner because if I don’t, I might not be able to until next weekend because tomorrow is Monday… again!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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