10 Things March

I couldn't be more glad for this month to be over soon because April is an exciting month for us. As you all know, our little one is expected to join us around the end of the month. Also, my life as a work-at-home mama begins so I have been preparing myself for it. You can tell it through the articles and blog posts I've been reading this past few days.

1. 4 Major Career Moves You Should Make Before You're 30

I haven’t baked anything for the past couple of months and I’m planning to do so in the coming days. Here’s the recipe I want to try next...

2. Easy One Pot Fudge Brownies

And of course, the rest is about pregnancy and parenting in general.

3. This Woman Applied A Full Face Of Makeup While In Labor

4. Unboxing the Philippine General Hospital Charity Ward, Part I: The OB Admitting Section and Delivery Room

5. The Birth Story of Orion David

6. My Breastfeeding Journey

7. 5 Things Breastfeeding Advocates Should Never Do

8. The Benefits of Babywearing

9. Neglectful Parenting | A Newly Accepted Form of Parenting?

10. We Are That Family

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