My Love-hate Relationship with Candy Crush

...and the lessons I learned from the game.

When this game first came out, I didn’t really pay attention to it thinking it is just one of those games I’ll be playing for a little while and abandon it out of boredom caused by lack of update or requires other players’ gift or help to move on to the next level. Even after seeing my friends go crazy over it, still, I didn’t bother to even just take a peak as it wasn’t that appealing to me until I heard my co-workers talked about it like it’s the most entertaining game ever. And they aren’t even gamers! It intrigued the curious cat in me thus I tried playing, telling myself that I will only play the first few levels just to find out how this game works.

Fast forward to 2016, I am still playing and currently at level 1400+.

My relationship with this game is not an easy one. LOL! There are times when I want to quit playing either because I can’t survive a hard level or I want to get rid of the addiction, with the former being the most well-founded reason. However, this “sugar addiction” in me prevails so the game remains.

So what warrants this post? If you think that I am running out of topics to post, then you are partly right. LOL! Kidding aside, I just want to share some insights I learned after years of playing this game. This game taught me to:

Learn to accept the cards given to you
Literally, this game doesn’t involve cards of some sorts. What I meant is, this game teaches me to accept the fact that I cannot always choose what to get in life and should instead learn to accept it and be flexible in my dealings until I reach the goals. And like in real life, it is impossible to choose the difficulty level so success is dependent on how I play my part based on what is given to me.

Try and try…
This game is more than just swapping candies. There are times when the given number of moves or allotted time isn’t enough to reach the goal. More often, you cannot get it during the first try, or even the second try. I remember, there is one particular level that took me more than a month to beat. I almost gave up and remove the app off my device because it is stressing me out and I believe games shouldn’t be stressful. But then, the more I fail, the more I am challenged to do it better and thankfully, I survived that said level in flying colors. Had I stopped trying, I may no longer have gone this far with this game. The same applies to reality. If we just consider our numerous defeats, we may no longer have the will to fight. But if we take these defeats as challenge, surely we will be motivated to continue until the desired result is achieved.

And while I keep on trying, it also teaches me to…

Be patient
CC isn’t for impatient people or those who are easily annoyed. Playing the same level again and again for weeks can be annoying, discouraging even. If we let our impatience get in the way of our game, surely it would be hard, or worse, impossible, for us to reach our goals. So take it easy, smile and when you fail, remember that you still have more opportunity to try again. It’s the same with life.

I think I have said enough but if you have something to add, please do so in the comment section below.

This post is brought to you by someone who aims to justify her addiction. LOL!

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