Getting There!

Yesterday marked the last day of my work with the company I have been with for the last eight years (almost nine years). Technically, my resignation is effective on March 31 but since I have company leave credits left, I decided to use them on days preceding the day of my resignation to advance my rest period.

Also, I'm turning 35 weeks tomorrow and two or three more weeks from now, it is already safe to pop out our baby boy. So yes, I am almost there! Close to getting the life I want - bear a child before I turn 30, become a work-at-home mama and have more time for my husband while still having time for myself and the things that I love to do.

Now, with more free time and less pressure from an office setting, I can focus on my preparations for the "big day" and beyond. With this, I commit myself to take morning walks at least 30 minutes everyday and maybe join my husband when he go jogging in the afternoon. I also need to get our hospital bag ready before the month ends so I'll have one less thing to worry about.

Additionally, I have been trying to write and schedule as much blog posts as I can for I know I may not have much time to blog when the baby comes.

For now, I am enjoying the "slowness" of my life. I am enjoying the remaining "just us" (me and the husband) days.

And while at it, let me share to you a video of my active baby and some photos I took using the camera of my phone during my walks.

The new facade of our church. Renovation is still ongoing. To help with the renovation or see the progress, visit the project's Facebook page here.

The football field during summer.

 I love this part of the plaza for it is less crowded.

This flower stand has been here for as long as I can remember.

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