Going Japanese at Mr. Misono Atria Park District Iloilo

One fine work day, a stressed husband asked if we can go out and go somewhere we can chill and relax. Since it’s was holday (EDSA Anniversary) and the company is not stringent with attendance during special holidays, I decided to take a half day off and be with him wherever he wants to go.

We went to Atria in San Rafael, Mandurriao as it isn’t usually crowded as compared to malls during a holiday. We scout the vicinity for restaurants we haven’t tried before and we ended up at Mr. Misono. What we initially planned to have “light snacks” and just chill turned into a food trip that resulted into a bill that costed us as much as what we usually pay for lunch or dinner. No, the foods aren’t that expensive but they are so good we ended up ordering more.

Initially, we ordered Judoka burger, California Maki and miso soup. We devoured them so fast that my husband decided that we order one more burger. We added M.E. burger and later on malted milk for dessert.

The Judoka burger (Php 144) and M.E. burger (Php 125) are almost the same except that the former has breaded onions. Patties of both burgers are crispy.

Their California Maki (Php 179) isn’t any different from other makis I have tried.

This malted milk with maltesers (Php 99) is a new favorite. It makes this pregnant woman’s heart happy. I am surely going back to try their other ice cream.

Yes, we are definitely going back. The husband said so.

Mr. Misono is located the Atria Park District, San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo. For deliveries, call 501 6125.  Minimum purchase for delivery is Php 500.

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