Review: Nivea Sparkling White Day Care Oil Control Cream

 Product Description:
Life is filled with challenging and exciting moments and you want to enjoy them while looking your best. You desire your complexion to sparkle with a fair and beautiful glow radiating from the inside.

NIVEA VISAGE SPARKLING WHITE DAY CARE OIL CONTROL works both on the surface and within the skin to bring out your inner glow:
  1. WHITENS. White Crystallites, in combination with White Pure Actives, support the skin’s lightening process to prevent brown spots formation and reduce uneven pigmentation bringing out your inner glow.
  2. CONTROLS SHINE. The cream contains Carnitine, a precious active ingredient naturally present in the skin. This effectively regulates skin's oil production deep within the cells, thus reducing excess oil on skin surface.
Advanced UVA/UVB protection filters protect your skin from UV rays, which cause pigmentation, dark and uneven skin tone. Result: The skin is hydrated and mattified. Your complexion is noticeably fairer and radiant instantly. For optimal whitening results use the whole range of NIVEA SPARKLING WHITE. Does not clog pores. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


This is one of the products I got as a prize from a contest for bloggers hosted by Nuffnang Ph and sponsored by Nivea Philippines. This came to me one Friday morning over two weeks ago but since I was trying a new organic soap at that time, I didn’t use this immediately. I wanted to wait for two weeks (one month after I started using the soap) to start using this cream but since I am excited and curious how this will affect my skin, I used this immediately. I used not only this cream, but also the Nivea Acne Oil Control Foam and Nivea Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Night Cream all at the same time.

Oh well! That was one of the worst mistakes I have done so far – trying all new three products at the same time. A few days after I started using this cream, pimples start showing up. I got a couple of large ones and around five smaller ones. I wanted to stop using all three and go back to my previous skin care regimen but then I’m afraid doing so will confuse my skin further. I stopped using the other two and stick to this instead.

Nivea Sparkling White Day Care Oil Control Cream comes in a round white jar with white plastic twist open cap. The combination of white cap and jar with minimal graphics and text makes for a simply yet chic packaging.

The consistency of this Nivea Sparkling White Day Care Oil Control cream is lighter than that of Nivea crème (the one in blue tin jar). I have been using this cream for around a month already and here’s my verdict.
What I like about this product:
Since the cream is light, applying this is very easy. It just glides on the face thus easy to spread evenly. It is absorbed by the skin really fast and dries after a minute, or less, hence it doesn’t take much of your time for pre-makeup rituals. It isn’t the only thing I like about this Nivea product. I truly love how it feels light! Once it is absorbed by the skin, you will never feel that you applied anything to it. It doesn’t make the skin dry or oily. The skin feels supple and it gives that healthy look. I haven’t even experienced that tingling sensation or itchy feeling.

When it comes to controlling the oil, this cream is doing a good job. Although my skin is not totally oil-free for the rest of the day, the oil production mellowed down somehow. The number of times I blot throughout the day is lessened.

Its scent is so light and it fades almost immediately while applying the cream.

This cream is reasonably priced as well. One jar costs a little over Php 300 but you surely will get what you are paying for.

What I do not like about this product:
A few days after first use, pimples started popping up. Back then, I cannot say that it is because of this cream alone because as what I’ve said before, I started using three new products all at the same time. I then stopped using the other two products and focus on this cream for around a month. Thankfully, large pimples are not bugging me anymore, probably my skin has gotten used to it.

Will I repurchase?
Probably! I believe long-term use will yield desirable effects.


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