Review: Nivea Angel Star Lotion

This is one of the products I got as prize from a contest for bloggers hosted by Nuffnang Ph for Nivea Philippines. Though I have been a Nivea user for many years, I never get around to using Angel Star lotion because I already pledged my loyalty to Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk. But since it is included in the package sent to me; that would be a waste not to use this.

Nivea Angel Star Lotion comes in a plastic bottle with the shape similar to that of other Nivea lotion and body milk. But unlike the typical blue and white bottle, this one is pink. Perhaps the pink bottle is one of the reasons why I never pay particular attention to this. LOL! This lotion is formulated to provide balanced moisture to those with mixed skin. In other words, the oily zones are mattified and the dry zones are intensively moisturized.

Unlike the Nivea body milk, this lotion has the same thick consistency as the Nivea UV Protect I reviewed months ago. Like its bottle, the lotion itself is also pink and the smell has that raspberry scent (thus the pink motif). I have been using this lotion for more than two weeks now and below is the verdict.

Product Description:
For your "wow-effect"!
NIVEA Angel Star Body Lotion provides a soft feel and even look for your skin all day long.


What I like about this product:
I love that this product aims to help people with mixed skin. But then, I cannot determine whether or not it indeed mattifies oily zones because I don’t have oily body skin. All I know is that, this lotion moisturizes the skin just right. Since this lotion has thicker consistency, a little goes a long way so long as you massage it to your skin properly to even out the application. That doesn’t only enable you to save but also prompt you to give your skin daily massage which is good for blood circulation. It doesn’t make the skin greasy too! This is perfect for everyday use especially to those to people with mixed skin.

This lotion is widely available in most grocery, department stores and drugstores nationwide.

What I do not like about this product:
I do not like the raspberry scent of this lotion. Good thing the scent doesn’t last long on the skin. So far that’s the only thing I do not like about Nivea Angel Star Lotion.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe not! I am not a big fan of raspberry scents. I am still loyal to Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk.


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