Is anyone of you a member of Looklet? To those who are not familiar with it, Looklet is a website white amazing feature in which you can dress up the picture of a human model and save the looks you created to your account. Creating account is free and I think the site thrives on advertisements from brands whose items are included in a wide array of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you can use on your model. They even hold contests and give away stuff as prizes.
Gallery of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories (right side)

Gallery of models (right side)

Backgrounds (right side)

Effects (right side)
Since becoming a member a few years back, I have created quite a few looks using different models. I even posted some of my creations here in this blog. I am grateful for this site because it fulfills my fantasies of having high end clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Styling the models makes me feel like I am styling myself with items I cannot afford to buy. It’s not only a great stress-reliever for me but also a fun way to cultivate your creativity and fashion sense.

Sadly, this site has been discontinued. *weeps* I meant, the site is there, you can still dress up the model but you can no longer save the looks you created. It’s no longer maintained the same as before. Actually, the site administrators informed their members ahead of time about the changes that will occur. I am just sad with how this site ended. This could have been a perfect training ground for potential and frustrated stylists and those who love to dress up. I’m seriously hoping that someone will revive this site and bring back the life it once had.

And if any of you knows a site similar to this, please let me know. Doing so will surely make this sad girl really happy. :D

Here are some of the looks I managed to save...
Floral Skirt: What to Wear With It
Feel Good with Black Pants
Halloween Fashion


  1. hello - don't be sad anymore :)
    we are a new virtual styling site - GLAMSTORM.COM - with a growing community and exciting new features coming up: own body measurements, the option to upload own face pic and try on hairstyles and makeups. Looking forward to seeing you at our site. We are also on facebook.com/GLAMSTORM
    love, your GLAMSTORM team

  2. Wow this is great news! Will surely create an account with you. Thanks for the info. *happy dance* :D

  3. Great! I honestly think I was the only one who felt sad about Looklet's disappearance. LOL. I just made a post about it as well. Here: http://insideurhead.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/looklet/ You can see some the works I managed to save as well. :) ♥

  4. @alleli Thanks for visiting my blog. I created an account with Glamstorm but it's nothing compared to Looklet. Maybe because it's still in beta. I haven't been there recently though.