Potential Treasures (June)

  1. Nivea Baby Pure and Fresh Wipes
    I always make it a point to keep a pack of wet wipes in my bag. I believe this is for adults also.

  2. Glam Works Nose Pore Strip
    I heard good reviews about this one so I’m hopeful about this. Used this twice already and so far so good!

  3. Nivea Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Foam
    This product claims to clean deeper into the pores thus I use this at night only in the hopes of removing all the dirt, dust and other irritants my skin gathered during the day.

  4. Nivea Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Night Cream
    If this one is indeed true to its promise, I will surely be very happy since it claims to minimize pores.

  5. Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Day Care Oil Control
    The name says it all! I have been using this for around a week only but I noticed that it indeed controls the facial oil.

  6. L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour
    Got this in Paradise Plum.

  7. All Organics Tomato Face and Body Soap
    This organic soap claims to tone the skin, helps reduce blemishes and tightens pores. I have been using this for more than two weeks now and so far I am loving the result.

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