Review: L’Oreal Color Riche Lipcolour

I saw this carded lipstick, gathering dust at my aunt’s dresser. I checked the item and learned that it’s from L’Oreal, the colour riche line in Paradise Plum shade. Knowing my aunt and her preferences when it comes to beauty products, I know this would be sitting in there forever until someone pick this up and ask for it. I asked my aunt for it and she gladly gave me this. Happy me!

The packaging is nothing special. In fact when I searched the internet, I can no longer find this lipstick with the same packaging as mine. I think it has been discontinued or repackaged since there are still lots of colour riche available online but the outer color of the packaging is gold, unlike mine that is dark violet, like that of an eggplant.

What I like about this product:
Amidst my current neon pink lipstick obsession, at some point I feel like wearing a red lipstick, but not bloody or bright one. I want a classic red or brick red lipstick probably due to my hidden fascination to classic fashion and this Paradise Plum from L’Oreal is what I have been looking for. It’s a deep red shade with plum undertone. Although it isn’t as flirty as bright red lipstick, this shade shouts attention hence I prefer to wear this only in days when I feel like I need some or when I just want to be playful. I rarely use this to work and I don’t suggest that you do especially if you are in a laid back work environment or if you kinda conservative when it comes to makeup. One needs to have a great deal of self confidence to pull off this look so be ready.

Like most cream lipsticks, the formula of this one from L’Oreal is moisturizing and has flawless beautiful finish. It isn’t causing dry, chapped lips. It is highly pigmented too. It can last for up to three to four hours.

What I do not like about this product:
Since it is cream lipstick, it feels kinda sticky and heavy on the lips thus making you feel conscious and gives you the impression that you are wearing too much even if you applied one or two swipes only. I also find it challenging to apply this lipstick precisely. It tends to smudge when applied near the edge of the lips, could be because I don’t have steady pulse ?) but I’m not having the same problem with some of my lipstick. Of course, using a lip brush is the best way to resolve the issue.

Will I repurchase?
More likely! I want to try pink and coral shades from this line.


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  1. Thanks for the visiting my blog. I'm wearing NYX lipstick there :)


  2. Exactlty. I was already in bed when I have received your comment last night. I got curious too with my lipstick's shade. And yes, its femme. Can you recommend other NYX color?


  3. @style grenade

    I've got the same shade but when I put it on, seems like its really red. I want to get that coral look like yours. hehe!

    I only have five round lipstick; miracle, fig, narcissus, femme and black cherry. My favorite so far is fig because it's wearable anytime, anywhere. :D I also love nyx matte in shocking pink..

    Here's the link to my review...