Crochet: Sleeping Mask

Since mid January, I have been busy with a lot of things that I rarely have time to blog and crochet. In fact, it makes me a bit sad because I have lots of crochet projects and ideas in mind but I simply do not have the time to play with threads and yarns at the moment. However, a few days before Valentine’s Day, I really forced myself to stay awake for at least an hour longer each night to create this sleeping mask in time for Valentine’s Day.

I have always wanted to create this for my guy who has been complaining about his sleep  problem due to working on night shift and since I can’t think of anything special to give him on Valentine’s Day, my motivation to finish this project soared to 110%. :D I used two strands Monaco yarn (blue and black) and 3/0 crochet hook. I followed no pattern whatsoever, I just crochet while imagining what the outcome will be. LOL!

This amateur sleeping mask is well appreciated by the recipient but I still need to alter the string though as the knot is causing him pain when lied down on.

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