Review: Nivea Essential Lip Care

I’ve been using this lip balm for quite some time now and I think it’s about time I publish a post about it for others to read how this product fares. I am a Nivea-user for years (from lotion, facial wash to lip balms) and have built a solid trust with this brand over time. So when I bid farewell to the organic lip balm I am using, there’s no other better replacement than this Nivea Essential Lip Care.
This lip balm comes in a typical Nivea packaging, royal blue and white; the tube is white and the cap or cover is blue. It doesn’t look glamorous or cute at all but it doesn’t look cheap either. The total package makes it look like a plain lip balm you will typically find in various drugstores or health and beauty sections in malls nationwide. But does the packaging say much about the lip balm itself? Keep reading to know more about my review...

Product Description:


What I like about this product:
This product claims to protect the lips from drying out and true to its words; my lips don’t feel or look dry after application. I used to have chapped lips (probably due to the air conditioned office setting) that sometimes bleed when I try to peel off the skin but after using this, my problem significantly decreased. I rarely suffer from chapped lips and I can now apply lipstick before leaving the office without having to worry that it will emphasize the line of my lips since they tend to become dry at the end of the day without a good lip balm. I also like that Nivea Essential Lip Care is not producing that gooey or waxy feeling even when applied under a lipstick.

The lip balm itself is white and gives that just-right gloss finish - no speck or swirl of color, no shimmer or whatsoever. Like what I said, it is just a plain lip balm you’ll reach out to anytime of the day; to condition the lips before applying lipstick, before going to bed and any time you feel that your lips ought to be moisturized.
It’s also worth a mention that this lip balm contains jojoba oil and natural shea butter, two ingredients known to have beneficial effects to the skin. It doesn’t even have “high hazard ingredient” based on Cosdna analysis. With today’s rise of illnesses caused by dangerous chemicals, it is really important that we pay attention to the skin care products we use.

One has got to love this product because of its price. This is displayed with Php 89 price tag but I only paid Php 67 in the counter and I’m not sure why. It could be new pricing, the mall is running a sale at that time or well, just a glitch in their system. I wasn’t able to clarify this at the counter because I’m already home when I discovered the issue. :D Anyway, Php 89 is not that big amount for a lip balm so it’s still cheap.

The manufactured date is printed at the bottom of the tube so you can be sure that you are not getting an expired product.

What I do not like about this product:
An SPF, even just SPF15, would have made this lip balm perfect. I could have used it even when I’m out under the sun and still feel confident that my lips are protected from sun damage.

While this lip balm has good moisturizing properties, applying too much as lipstick base gives a sheer finish and can make the lipstick smudge. I once left the house with perfectly applied lipstick only to find out later (after being out in public for a while) that my lipstick smudged. This lip balm plus moisturizing lipstick is a big no! If you prefer using a lip balm under a lipstick, better blot your lips first to lessen the chances of smudging and make the shade come out as it is, not sheer.

Will I repurchase?


Have you used Nivea Essential Lip Care or any other Nivea lip products? How do you find it?

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