Polyvore Discovery

I once find happiness being a virtual stylist through Looklet (now Looklet.biz). However, the site took a different path and no longer offer such feature for users so with a heavy heart, I bid to them (along with many looks I created) farewell. Then I learned about Glamstorm through a newsletter sent to me. It also allows users to create looks or style models virtually but the site being in beta mode, there are still errors, bugs and other issues that prevent me from unleashing the wannabe stylist in me.

The other day, while I was going through lifestyle blogs, I came across a blog post from Ramshackle Glam where I learned about Polyvore. It is also a virtual stylist site like Looklet and Glamstorm minus the models. The site allows users to create collage or sets of clothes (aptly called sets) to help them visualize what the look/ensemble would look like when worn together. One can also create collection (as in Spring Collection) to help stylists organize the sites they created.

When I see fashion blogs and magazines using cute visuals, I often wonder how they made such cute images of clothes. Now I know it’s Polyvore. It’s a shame that I have discovered this just now but I’m really glad I did and I look forward to many sets I will create on my free time. *giddy*

For now, here’s the first set I created.

OCD: Floral Shorts

It’s summer season in the Philippines and the first set I created highlights one of the summer must-haves - the floral shorts.

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