Review: Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Mask

It’s been a while since the last time I made a blog post but no complains here though. I am blessed with a new opportunity that is just too tempting to take for granted considering my situation right now thus explains my disappearing act in blogging. Lucky if my creative juice and my spare time occur together at the same time, I can give this blog some love. If not, then it needs to sacrifice for a while. :D
Anyway, I must proceed to my review quick before I run out of time and idea to write. Actually this has been in draft status for more than a month but I simply do not have the time to finalize the post due to time constraints. But here I am now, gathering all my creativity and determination to come up with an informative post and hit the publish button as soon as possible. The product in highlight is Avon NaturalsTea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Mask . This is originally priced Php 169 but I got this on sale (December brochure) for Php 99. Actually, I was kinda hesitant to get this considering my previous experiences with some Avon skin care products but for such price, I think there is nothing to lose in case this won’t work.

This face mask comes in an oval-shaped upside down bottle. The color of the body is light green while the cap is two shades or so darker than the body. The mask itself is white and a bit viscous hence the tendency to flow down when placed on the fingers during application. This is supposedly used every week as recommended on the product label but given my time constraints, I only use this like every couple of weeks. I will state below how this product fares.

Product Description:


What I like about the product:
I love that this product can be easily applied to the face straight from the bottle. No heating, mixing or other pre-application process required. Plus, recommended time for this product to stay on the face is 10 - 15 minutes only, not inconvenient or time-consuming at all. Application is not that messy either. As long as you keep your hair away from your face by tying it and using a headband, you will never have problems during application.

I love that sort of tingling and cold feeling I get when the mask touches my skin. I can feel it slowly tightening and then dry up until the mask is ready for peeling. For the mask to dry within the 10-15-minute recommended time, it needs to be applied thinly hence one 50ml bottle will surely last long when used once a week. Additionally, I prefer applying the mask thinly because I believe that good results are obtained through that way. I once tried applying it thickly and regret doing so because there is no way I can peel off the mask in a snap since it hasn’t completely dried within the time specified in the instruction. What I did to remove the mask is to gently wipe the wet mask with tissue paper. It’s kinda messy really!

This product claims to contain natural ingredients which is also one of the reasons why I went for this. It has tea tree oil and green tea, two natural ingredients known for their cleansing, astringent and antiseptic properties.

What I do not like about the product:
I find this mask’s smell a bit strong especially when applying around the nose area. Thankfully the scent slowly subsides after a few months so you never have to endure it all the way.

I hoped (and expected) that this mask can help remove deep-seated blackheads but to my disappointment, it hasn’t done anything that can prove it. Well, it gives me that clean and tightening feeling during and shortly after application but apart from that, there is no more. I cannot even tell of it indeed remove excess oil.

Will I repurchase?
No. This facial mask is something I can live without.



  1. i bought one but havent tried it yet, so i will not probably use it after reading your blog

  2. Hi Lady Dee!
    Thanks for dropping by. Maybe you may want to give it a try first to find out if it works for you.