February Finds

Here I am again, back with a new post and new name for this series. I just want to make things sound simple thus the change of name. Anyways, here are the four products that have gotten my attention last month. I will be reviewing them in the following days so stay tuned!

1. St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub
This is supposed to be for my March finds and I only realized the mix up just before posting. I have no time to edit hence its inclusion in my February finds.

2. Raw Honey
When you have a boyfriend who hates mainstream everything, expect that there will always be unexpected things coming your way. I got this raw honey (from Palawan) for Valentine’s Day and I am expected to use this as food. But being a homemade-lover, I have better ideas in mind. LOL! I add a drop or two to my facial wash and sometimes conditioner and I am excited to share to you how this natural product fares.

3.  L’Oreal Re-nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner
I bought this on impulse. I was doing grocery shopping and looking to buy the shampoo I am using but this got my attention. It comes with free six sachet of conditioner. Being a freebie addict :)) I added this to my cart before leaving the aisle.

4. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipstick
This was given to me by a relative (distant grandmother) who went home for vacation from the US. I haven’t tried using Victoria’s Secret makeup before so this got me excited. :D

5. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm
This is my first lip balm purchase in months. I kind of got fed up with the local organic lip balm I am using hence I decided to try something new. I have tried and enjoyed other Nivea lip balm and other lip products before but not this one and I’m seriously hoping that this lip balm can live up to the Nivea’s tagline, “Live life with a smile.”

That’s all for now! It’s a shame I posted this on the 9th day of March when it should be live on the last day of the month or first day of the succeeding month. I was just too busy for timely update.

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