Review: Nivea Daily Face Fluid Immediate Sun Protection

It’s officially summer in the Philippines! With that, skin care products, sunglasses and apparel appropriate for the season are dominating the retail stores nationwide. But being a tropical country, protection against the harmful rays of the sun is needed all year around, not just during summer. It is important that we take extra steps in providing our skin daily sun protection and one way to achieve that is to use appropriate skin care products like this Nivea Daily Face Fluid.

I got this product as prize from a contest sponsored by Nivea Philippines and organized by Nuffnang Ph. Actually, this has been in my position for around a year but it’s only recently when I realized that I haven’t blogged about it. And since it’s summer, there’s no better time to review this than now.

Nivea Daily Face Fluid comes in a small bottle off-white colored bottle with yellow twist cap. The fluid itself is white and has a seemingly clean scent common in most Nivea skin care products. It boasts to offer immediate sun protection, collagen protect and has SPF 30+

I started using this daily just about a couple of weeks ago and I am now sharing to you what I think about this product.

Product Description:


What I like about the product:
I love that this product is so light on the face. It doesn’t give that greasy finish nor does it leaves white residues. It can even be used under makeup and most of all, it can be used everyday. I use this even if I know I won’t be under the sun for longer period of time. The product claims to be fast-absorbing and true enough, the liquid is already absorbed by the skin within seconds. The formulation is not sticky either therefore making application a breeze.

Since this product is under the sun care line, it claims to offer immediate protection and has SPF 30 to protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Furthermore, it contains collagen known to prevent wrinkles caused by sun damage.

I have been using this for about a month now and so far I haven’t had any negative experience - no redness, itchiness or breakouts.

I also love its handy size and small nozzle. I often take it with me since it easily fits my bag and the small nozzle makes it easy for me to squeeze out just the right amount of fluid.

What I do not like about the product:
One thing I do not like about this product is it makes my already-oily skin oilier a few hours after application. But then, it’s the same with many other sun care skin products. Some products are worse!

Will I repurchase?


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