Review: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipstick

I love Victoria’s Secret lotion and colognes but for some reason, I haven’t used any Victoria’s Secret makeup. So when I saw this inside the pouch given by my US-based grandmother who went home for vacation, I got excited because I’ll be using a Victoria’s Secret makeup for the first time. Kinda superficial but it’s just one of the small things that makes me happy.

The lipstick comes in a transparent tube with silver knob in the lower part. The cap is also transparent with silver text color. There is no fancy logo, design or anything. I can’t find the product listing in Victoria’s Secret website hence I cannot be sure of the price and I haven’t found this lipstick sold in malls in my area (beauty junkie from the province here!). It's available in Amazon for $3 - $9.

Anyway, let’s move forward to my review...

Pink Shake. This is the first shade I got. Despite the name Pink Shake, I cannot see a hint of pink in this shade. It’s more like sheer brown or frosty light brown. I would like to consider this as MLBB but it’s not. My boyfriend doesn’t even like it on me. LOL! But since it’s a waste to just let this lipstick expire without allowing it to give a fight, I use this together with other lipstick. I use this as base or finishing to tone down bright and bold lipstick shades.

What I like about the product:
This lipstick tastes sweet and I seriously love it. There is no indication that this lipstick is flavored or what but I was really surprised with its sweet taste. Lipstick has never taste this good! LOL! I also love the transparent tube because it makes it easy for me to pick out the shade I would want to use at the moment (especially if I have other shades from the same brand/collection).

This lipstick is not heavy on the lips nor does it give that waxy feeling. It even helps moisturize lips and prevents chapping.

What I do not like about the product:
This lipstick has poor lasting power. It’s only good for an hour or two without eating or drinking. I wish they do something about it. Other than that, I have nothing against this lipstick.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe. I want to know if other shades have the same effects on the lips, as sheer as the one I currently got (pink shake), if the lasting power is the same, etc. However, if the next shade I will buy has the same effects,I’m really sure that I won’t be buying some more.


Do you own a Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lipstick? If yes, what is your favorite shade? If no, do you consider buying one based on this review?

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