No HBD Please!

I have many reasons to be grateful for today! One, another year has been added into my life. Two, I am blessed with loving family and friends and a job that pays well (or at least more than the minimum wage. LOL).

Today is also the best time that I talk about one social media issue that has been bothering me for a long time - people are becoming lazy to spell out words and prefer to use text lingo. One perfect example is posting "HBD" on someone’s wall instead of "Happy Birthday". That greeting alone pisses me off big time that I decided to disable posting on my Facebook wall a few days before my birthday. Is it too hard to type "happy birthday"? Are wall posts limited to three characters only? I don’t think so! Whether it is on other people’s wall or mine, I just can’t stand seeing that three-letter greeting.

Another reason for such move is the flooding of my wall. :D Don’t get me wrong here. I love getting greetings and wall posts from others but with so many facebook friends, those generic wall posts can get overwhelming. I want to know who will actually exert an effort to send me a text message, email or call me to greet me on my special day. Additionally, I also want to know who remembers without the need for reminders (have been keeping my birthday private for security purposes).

Enough of my rant anyway. Let’s proceed to the good stuff!

When I get to my workstation, this sight greeted me. No notes or whatsoever but there is no doubt that it came from someone with wired teeth. LOL! He is not fond of giving flowers because according to him, I cannot eat them (he is aware of my monster appetite) and that he would rather give me something that I can actually put to good use. But being the Mr. Random that he is, I sort of understand why he decided to give me these roses. Just look at the flowers and you will surely see his lack of fondness for it - no ribbons and other trimmings. Just a few long stemmed beauty complete with thorns! But no matter what these flowers look like, they are well-appreciated because it came from the heart of a very special person - my better half. :D

We did nothing expensive today since its one day short of pay day and both of us have had bouts of sickness in the past weeks so we planned for a costless celebration. Besides, he works on a night shift and I work during the day so our activities are sort of limited.

We initially planned to take a short walk after my shift (and before his) but we end up going to Moon Leaf to have our dose of milk tea instead. We stayed for over an hour, talking about lots of things - from what went through during his doctor’s checkup, to Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode, Japanese cartoons, the story he is trying to pen and more Game of Thrones.

On the other hand, I no longer celebrated with my family since we already had a small celebration a couple of days ago.

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